We are delighted that you have chosen to sing with Eye Bach Choir and hope these notes will help you to participate fully in the choir’s activities.


Eye Bach Choir is a registered charity. A copy of our constitution is available from the secretary. The choir is managed by an elected committee and as a member you are entitled to vote and stand for office. The AGM is usually held soon after the start of each season. The committee meets three or four times a season and copies of its agendas and minutes are made available at rehearsals from time to time. The current officers are:


CHAIRFelicity Golding


Our season, running from September to the end of May, comprises three terms each culminating in a concert – near Christmas, around Easter, and in the early summer.

The current subscription is £180 a season payable, either in one sum at the beginning of the season, or in two instalments of £90, preferably by a standing order payable 15th September and 15th January. If you join after Christmas, your subscription will be reduced. Our current Treasurer Ann Hornung will be able to provide details. Our current Librarian Steph Bowden will advise you of any costs relating to music hire. 

When paying your subscriptions, you will be invited to sign a Gift Aid Declaration form enabling us to recover basic rate tax you have paid on it from the Inland Revenue. 

We adhere strictly to data protection laws and use the information we collect from members exclusively for the smooth running of the choir. Such data will not be shared with a third party.


Most of the music we use is hired through the County Library. It will be issued – entrusted – to you by our Librarian, currently Steph Bowden – [email protected] and she will tell you when to return it. Be prepared to erase any pencil markings you have made. Very occasionally the committee will decide to buy scores. You may be invited to buy such music to relieve pressure on choir funds.

Traditionally, it has become the norm for members to have their own copies of:

  • Carols for Choirs Books 1, 2 and 3
  • European Sacred Music, Published by the OUP


If you leave the choir or have to withdraw from a concert, for whatever reason, you must return any music to the Librarian. Late returns incur a fine with the County Library and if you lose or damage scores and music in your care you may be asked to pay for replacements.


Rehearsals are held at 7.45pm on Fridays in Eye Town Hall. Regular, punctual, attendance is required. A successful choir is the sum of its parts and if certain parts – or individuals – do not attend sufficient rehearsals, this can reflect on the performance of the choir as a whole. If you do not attend sufficient rehearsals you may be asked not to sing in a concert.

Please always bring a soft pencil to rehearsals.

To enable the Musical Director to plan rehearsals you may be asked at the beginning of each term whether there are any rehearsals you know you cannot attend. If, exceptionally, during the course of the term you are unable to attend any other rehearsals you should notify your sectiom representative. 


ALTOBiddy Channon
TENORMick Morley
BASSTony Joslin



Gentlemen wear a black polo neck jersey, dinner jacket, black trousers and black shoes.

Ladies wear all black, long-sleeved tops, long skirts or trousers, and no blatant jewellery.

Pre-concert rehearsals

We normally rehearse on the evening before, and on the afternoon of a concert. Precise timing and details will be issued before concert day. You must attend these rehearsals. 

Sits and stands and concert etiquette

You will be told when to stand, sit, or rise, during a performance. The instructions to ‘Stand’ and ‘Sit’ are given by the conductor. A ‘Rise’ is done without a signal from the conductor, usually on a musical cue of some kind. Remember we are performing, and once on the stage, you should not talk to your colleagues, or turn your back to the audience.

Often, black folders will be required to contain music and to unify our presentation to the audience. You may wish to use your own or the choir can issue with one to borrow for the concert. Please ensure you hand in your folder after the concert.

Eye Teas 

We have a reputation for providing a magnificent tea for the orchestra, soloists and any choir members not going home to change between the afternoon rehearsal and evening performance on concert day. All members are asked to contribute to the tea – a plate of sandwiches, a cake etc. You will be prompted about this before a concert.

After the concert

After the concert all members help to clear away chairs and staging and tidy up the church. We often hold a post-concert reception with drinks and a buffet.  members and their guests are invited to this reception.

Publicity and Ticket sales

We expect members to put up posters, distribute handbills and share publicity material digitally where possible. Members are also expected to sell as many tickets as possible. Tickets can be purchased via the EBC website at BOOK TICKETS or from Christine Hooker before a concert.

If you have any questions please contact me:

Nicola Wheeler (Membership Secretary)

[email protected]