Founded in 1974, Conductor: Leslie Olive

A Suffolk Choir of Excellence

EBC are divine!

May I say how fascinating it was sitting in the audience to watch and listen on Friday evening. The EBC was divine – absolutely! Totally superb! It was such a pleasure. I look forward so much to being part of it again in the New Year.

A Choir Member

The Glory of Christmas, December 13th 2019

Not Just Any Choral Society!

Thanks so much for inviting me back to Eye at the weekend (for the Kings and Queens Concert). It’s always a pleasure to play under your masterful direction and even more of a pleasure when it’s Eye Bach Choir…leagues above your average Choral Society

Alex Binns, Organist and Director of Music for Derby Cathedral

Kings and Queens, 9th November 2019

Desert World

The whispering of the breeze and thundering of the tempest impressed Prince Albert in 1846.
Drawn largely from the Books of Kings, Mendelssohn depicts a desert land of famine, idols, angels and the hand of God.
The grim overture, by the Kingfisher Sinfonietta, opening chorus and urgent, insistent tenor Richard Edgar-Wilson, evoked this world.
Mark Saberton was ox-strong as Elijah but with a soaring compassion, felt in his scene with soprano Anna Cavaliero’s serenely grieving woman. He had a grand time taunting the prophets of Baal and could show fierce expressiveness, excitement and times of repose. (The pulpit actually quivered at one point.)
The choir, under Leslie Olive’s skilled direction, rode the mighty exhortations, the fervent thankfulness and praise, with numerous thrilling passages.
Among many other notable items, contralto Thalie Knights’ balm-like aria O Rest in the Lord stood out.
Young singers: Rosalind Aczel, Veryan Dawe, Charlotte Leeder, Alice Wood and Archie Thompson also played a prominent part.

Basil Abbott

Elijah, 16th March 2019

A Concert To Bring Tears To The Eyes

The concert was so good , on so many levels, but the highlight for me was the singing in “He that shall endure to the end” which was such a controlled beautiful sound. Enough to bring tears to the eyes! There were a few bars of cello solo which were also heart stopping. We do miss the choir of course, especially when everyone rises to the occasion and is so committed.

Former Choir Member

Elijah, 16th March 2019

A Magnificent Evening!

What a magnificent evening! The performance last night was superb, inspirational and so emotional, the glass of wine was very welcome in the interval! It was lovely to see so many people there. I was amazed at the turn out and so pleased for all concerned to see a full house. If you ever plan to perform this work again please email me! The Choir were magnificent, so powerful which is needed for such a demanding work. The soloists were excellent. It is rare to hear such ‘feeling’ put into the work, but they managed it beautifully, much credit to them. Thank you all again for a truly memorable evening.

An Audience Member

Elijah, 16th March 2019

A Wonderful Performance!

It was a wonderful performance, so uplifting and the Choir had such power. They really did it justice. The soloists also gave excellent performances. We had a really memorable evening.

An Audience Member

Elijah, 16th March 2019

Russia came to Eye Church

Russia came to Eye Church in this concert of Rachmaninov and folk music, directed by Leslie Olive.

Composed during the First World War, two years before the revolution, the ‘Vespers’ seemed like the end of the Russian Church.

A century later, those gentle alleluias are still pouring out, seeming to show an inextricable link between faith and folk.

Some of the more stentorian bass items were omitted, but others had a murmuring, hive-like quality, with spurts of rejoicing.

It was a masterstroke to include the Muzika Lyra trio, interspersed with the Rachmaninov. Lila Moshtel sings in such a warm, impassioned way that, as with Edith Piaf, you don’t have to understand the words. Pianist Nadia Giliova made the difficult Rachmaninov Preludes seem easy. Julian Milone is a master violinist, whether in stately moods or a bow-blurring Hungarian Dance. The well known pieces known to us as Midnight in Moscow, Kalinka and Those Were The Days ended this endearing concert, with the audience singing along.

Basil Abbott, Diss Express

Mesmerising Sound!

What a wonderful performance the Eye Bach Choir made of the Rachmaninov Vespers. The sound was mesmerising. Singing a cappella one realises what a glorious sound the choir makes.The opening was stunning. I only wish we could have heard more movements. Music Lyra were also first rate and were a real discovery. It was good to hear authentic Russian sound. A wonderful evenings all round

Rachmaninov Vespers from the All Night Vigil, 14th November 2018

Amazing Power of the Choir

I haven’t been to a concert like that before. It was really good. I thought the power produced by the choir was amazing. I will certainly come again!

A Resident of Eye

Two versions of Glory, ample expression in this touching concert

Two versions of Glory, those of Poulenc and Puccini, were on offer at Eye Church. The concert began with Faure’s Pavane by the Kingfisher Orchestra, serpentine and stately but with a passionate undertow. Poulenc’s Gloria is 20th Century music with that feeling of trouble beneath the time-honoured religious sentiments. Under Leslie Olive’s direction the choir found these elements, including the occasional irreverence in the work.

The addition of an organ, played by Alexander Binns, added warmth, drama and reassurance to the blend. Soprano Lisa Cassidy’s singing was beautiful and troubled, her Amens like a cry in the night against the gentle surge of the choir.

Puccini’s Messe di Gloria had a serene tuneful opening, a tripping Gloria, and often the rolling momentum of popular opera choruses. Tenor Paul Smy had a voice that was like a rushing wind with arrows.

Both works came to prominence in the mid 20th century. Their different glories found ample expression in this touching concert.

Basil Abbott, Diss Museum

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